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We invite you to get acquainted with our offer spanning solutions for rail vehicles. Our range comprehensively spans all spare parts and equipment necessary to maintain the optimum technical condition of your machinery. Among our offer, you will find both mechanical parts for trams as well as components of the electric systems – including high-quality cabling – as well as equipment for the passenger compartments, such as chairs, cladding or ceilings.

Hydraulic components, chairs and much more – top-quality tram components

Our complete offer is divided into categories so as to make it easier to find the item you would be looking for in our broad offer. Details of the technical specification of the units, along with short descriptions of their mode of operation, are included in the component information notes. Should you have any questions or doubts as to the available components, do not hesitate to contact us – our advisors will gladly provide you with all the information you may need.

Access ramps for trams

In today’s society, there is a growing awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, including wheelchair users. One of the key areas of focus is urban infrastructure, including public transport. In recent years, many innovations have been introduced to provide easier access to public transport for people with disabilities. One of the most important […]

Tram wheel slugs

Irrespective of the means of transport – car, bicycle or rolling stock, there is one common element that is decisive in terms of efficient movement along a given route. The wheels that set the vehicle in motion and allow it to move. In case of trams, it is uniquely important for every part of the […]

Bare wheels

Without them, travel using various modes of transport would just be impossible – invented ca. 3500 BC, they are currently used not only by cars, but also by trams. In rail vehicles, however, the components are somewhat different – they are primarily rim traction wheels, commonly used in municipal transit equipment. Find out what they […]

Catenary lines and wires for overhead lines

For the majority of transport connections, the power supply for a train moving along a track is provided by overhead lines. In short, the energy is transferred to the locomotive by way of a pantograph that slides over the contact wire suspended under the catenary line on droppers. The droppers in turn are strung along […]

Tram and railway rails

The task of rails is to allow the wheels of vehicles to roll, and to indicate their direction of movement, and, indirectly, via the rail base plates, to transfer pressure from the wheel on to the sleepers. Rails are fixed to sleepers using fasteners, which are formed by baseplates, bolts or hooks, baseplate screws, grips […]


We offer a range of rims that are a part of a tram’s wheel set. Hence, they fulfil a very significant role on the vehicle, and thus we stress their quality very much. Our products are perfectly balanced, remain in line with the imposed form and required dimensions, and are perfectly and thoroughly machines. It […]

Rubber rings

Working on the basis of modern technical solutions, we have introduced components of tram wheel sets into our offer – for instance, rubber rings. We care for the products to be of state-of-the-art quality, made with exquisite precision using robust materials and conforming to legal requirements. They are also certified as needed, making them safe […]

Bolt/ screw/ nut/ washer

Everything that is necessary to provide reliable installation of diverse components of the wheel set. The bolts, screws, nuts, washers and tighteners that we manufacture are very robust components that provide reliable protection of the listed parts in sets of various kinds of trams most commonly seen on Polish tram tracks. Our company’s catalogue includes […]

Spacer sheets

The spacer sheets manufactured by our company are replaceable, triangular sheet metal pieces with three threaded holes for installation between rolling bearings and thrust rings. The usage of suitable thickness steel for their construction ensures high mechanical resistance of the components against the mechanical forces that impinge upon them during operation. For wheel sets in […]


An important auxiliary component for the air conditioning system, heating the interior of a rail vehicle in case of low outside temperatures. Using a stream of heated air, heaters are able to quickly raise the temperature in the passenger part of a tram as well as in the driver’s cabin, providing warmth in the vehicle […]