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Rim, refined, fi 660x495x90
Rim, refined, fi 700x495x90

Processed rim phi 700x520x90
Processed rim phi 700x520x90

Product name Part no. of the manufacturer
KONSTAL carriage type 116Na/1
Spacer plate 116Na SAB 103x36x3 103115
Rubber ring type V60 D 495 SAB 100084
Tramway ring, processed V60 LK 650 SAB 102031
Rim pin M14x100 for 116Na cl. 10,9 005399/007
Rim pin M14x100 for 116Na cl. 12,9
KONSTAL carriage type 105/805
Wheel rim fi666/ 540 x96 Material: P70, thermally improved
Sim ring 80x100x13 FPM
Sim ring 100X125X12 FPM
Sim ring 120X150X15 FPM
PESA carriage type 120Na SWING AND SWING DUO
Rubber ring 120Na V60 D 410 L95900109
Threaded pin M16x16-45A2C, coated 106620
Nut M6 A2 006406/012
Special nut M14x2,0 kl. 8,8 005399/002 NUT M14 (matches 116 and 120)
Special nut M14x2,0 kl. 10.9 108958
Pin M14x95 obręczy 120Na 006406/005
Wheel pin TW-120N  SAB M14x95 kl. 12,9 108685
Spacer plate 120Na 6653
Cap G1/4" SAB 005358/012
Processed rim 120Na V60 D600 107141/107781
Tramway turntable assembly plate 120Na
Sliding strip 4119856400
Sliding strip 4119858100
Sliding strip 4119857700
Underseat heater 36734.100.33
Right side heater 36735.100.33
Left side heater 36736.100.33
Carriage passage rotary plate 4119696800
PESA car type 120NaG
Tram wheel rim fi 600x432x90
Bare wheel
PESA carriage type 120N
Fixing washer VS6 Schnorr SCHNOR_VS6
Fixing washer VS16 Schnorr SCHNOR_VS16
Rim bolt M5x10-5737 UNI UNI5737_M5x10
Rim bolt M16 M16
Driven wheel rubber block Executed according to fig. TW no.15855
Wheel rim phi 610/422x109 Material: P70, tehrmally improved Executed according to fig. TW no.15865
Muffler Executed according to fig. TW no.15864
Fixing washer VS12 Schnorr SCHNOR_VS12
Cylindrical rim bolt M30x2x90 12.9 M30X2X90 12.9 CYLINDRICAL
PESA car type 122N
ram wheel rim fi 600x432x90
PESA car type 122NaB, 122NbT
Tram wheel rim fi 600x432x90
PESA carriage type 128N
Rubber ring 128N/134 V60 Phi 470 107907
Tramway wheel rim phi 660x470x112 Material: P70, thermally improved 109587
Sliding strip 4159241300
Sliding strip 4159241400
Sliding strip 4159241800
PESA carriage type 134N
Rubber ring 134N V60 Phi 470 107907
Tramway wheel rim phi 680x470x112 Material: P70, thermally improved 100140
Skoda 16T and 19T
Tram wheel rim fi 610x430x95 107907
Tram wheel rim fi 620x430x95 107170
Rubber ring V60 Ø430 101455
Siemens Combino
Tram wheel rim fi 620x432x95
Bare traction wheel
Bare trailing wheel
Rim compressor ring
Moderus Gamma LF 02-03 AC
Wheel rim, refined Ø 610 width 95 mm ( "variant 1") D11-4-01664
Rubber insert (rubber mix segment) (set = 24 pcs.) D11-4-00592/1
Safety ring D11-3-02890
Earthing bridge plate D11-4-01697
Earthing line D11-4-01677
Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych (Cegielski) of Poznań carriage type 123N
Compression disc phi 490 D11-3-01006
Fixing ring phi 490 D11-4-00633
Rubber insert 123N D11-4-00592
Wheel rim phi 650x90 Material: P70, thermally improved 455.0.744.000.40
Duewag carriage type GT
Processed tramway rim, width 115mm, GT carriage GT-
Tatra KT4Dt, T6A2
Rim, refined, fi 700x520x90
Rim, refined, fi 660x495x90
Rim, refined, fi 700x495x90