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An important auxiliary component for the air conditioning system, heating the interior of a rail vehicle in case of low outside temperatures. Using a stream of heated air, heaters are able to quickly raise the temperature in the passenger part of a tram as well as in the driver’s cabin, providing warmth in the vehicle despite the doors being opened frequently.

Their appropriate structure ensures not only high device efficiency but also safe use in the general access passenger part.

The heaters we offer are built primarily for low-floor, multi-section rail cars of types PESA 120Na SWING and SWING DUO. Our offer includes all kinds of heaters installed on trams manufactured at the plant in Bydgoszcz, Poland:

  • under-seat models (PESA catalogue no.: 36734.100.33)
  • right-side models (PESA catalogue no.: 36735.100.33)
  • left-side models (PESA catalogue no.: 36763.100.33)