Bolt/ screw/ nut/ washer

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Bolt/ screw/ nut/ washer

Everything that is necessary to provide reliable installation of diverse components of the wheel set. The bolts, screws, nuts, washers and tighteners that we manufacture are very robust components that provide reliable protection of the listed parts in sets of various kinds of trams most commonly seen on Polish tram tracks.

Our company’s catalogue includes e. g. components dedicated to PESA tram sets 120N as well as 120Na SWING and SWING DUO, such as:

  • wheel bolts,
  • rim bolts,
  • rim screws,
  • Schnorr safety washers,
  • special nuts – M14x2.0 class 8.8 and M14x2.0 class 10.9.

We guarantee deliveries of components adhering to the technical specifications of specific tram models. Thanks to the use of high-strength steel and other robust materials, they are characterised by a long operational lifetime.

Should our catalogue be missing tighteners or other components that you would be looking for, please contact our Category Manager.