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We offer a range of rims that are a part of a tram’s wheel set. Hence, they fulfil a very significant role on the vehicle, and thus we stress their quality very much. Our products are perfectly balanced, remain in line with the imposed form and required dimensions, and are perfectly and thoroughly machines. It […]

Rubber rings

Working on the basis of modern technical solutions, we have introduced components of tram wheel sets into our offer – for instance, rubber rings. We care for the products to be of state-of-the-art quality, made with exquisite precision using robust materials and conforming to legal requirements. They are also certified as needed, making them safe […]

Bolt/ screw/ nut/ washer

Everything that is necessary to provide reliable installation of diverse components of the wheel set. The bolts, screws, nuts, washers and tighteners that we manufacture are very robust components that provide reliable protection of the listed parts in sets of various kinds of trams most commonly seen on Polish tram tracks. Our company’s catalogue includes […]

Spacer sheets

The spacer sheets manufactured by our company are replaceable, triangular sheet metal pieces with three threaded holes for installation between rolling bearings and thrust rings. The usage of suitable thickness steel for their construction ensures high mechanical resistance of the components against the mechanical forces that impinge upon them during operation. For wheel sets in […]

Brake shoes

Despite discs being ever more frequently used on rail cars, shoe brakes with cast iron inlays secured by wedges in their bases continue to be a popular solutions. The brake shoes manufactured by our company ensure the shortest braking distance for the tram, even in difficult weather conditions. This is particularly important in Winter, when […]

Bevel wheels

Driving shafts with paired bevel wheels made of high-quality steel, carbonised and quenched. The 20MPa bevel wheels manufactured by us are dedicated for gear systems in high-floor trams of type 105N manufactured by Konstal from Chorzów, Poland. The 20MPa bevel wheels for Konstal 105N tram gear systems are made in line with dedicated technical specifications […]