Spacer sheets

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Spacer sheets

The spacer sheets manufactured by our company are replaceable, triangular sheet metal pieces with three threaded holes for installation between rolling bearings and thrust rings.

The usage of suitable thickness steel for their construction ensures high mechanical resistance of the components against the mechanical forces that impinge upon them during operation.

For wheel sets in selected tram models

Our company’s catalogue includes e. g. spacer sheets manufactured to fit the following tram car types:

– 116 Na/ 1 by Konstal (dimensions: 103 x 36 x 3; GHH Radsatz GmbH catalogue no. 103115),

– 102Na SWING and SWING DUO by PESA (PESA catalogue no.: 006653).

Our company guarantees the production of spacer sheets in line with the technical details of selected tram models.

Should our catalogue be missing spacer sheets dedicated to your vehicles, please contact our Category Manager by phone or e-mail.