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We invite you to acquaint yourselves with our offer concerning the provided services and product manufacture. We specialise in the manufacture of rubber and rubber-metal products. Production is conducted on rubber injector machines, hydraulic presses, precision cutters.

Welding: parts for the rail industry, steel structures

The production of parts for the transport industry is enabled by way of comprehensive material processing. Our components for the rail industry and steel structures are created by processes such as grinding, laser cutting or welding. The latter deserves more attention, as it differs from our other services that are based on the removal of […]


The shaping of material depending on the type of component that is to be created requires a different kind of process. We know that our customers need various parts, hence, we offer a full range of services that include metalworking by various processes. One of them is drilling, which we will talk about now. Drilling […]


Automatic cutting is a necessary stage in the process of development of toothed wheels and other machinery components. It takes various forms, including chiselling as offered by our company. What is it exactly? How does it occur, and what is its purpose? We invite you to study this document, in which we will include answers […]


Professional processing of metals for the purpose of manufacture of specific parts of machines or tools, is a process made up of many necessary steps. Thanks to them, the developed product conforms to specific requirements, and may be used as foreseen. Until now, we have discussed milling, turning and machine cutting, the first stages of […]

Laser cutting

Just like the milling or turning that we offer, laser cutting is a form of material processing. This modern method allows for the manufacture of products of specific parameters and shapes, using specialised equipment. Such parts are, however, manufactured faster and more precisely than in case of methods used until recently. The entire operation entailing […]


The manufacture of parts of machinery, vehicles, equipment, etc., takes place in a multitude of ways. One of them is modelling by removal that we use at our facilities. It entails the production of fine elements from larger pieces of material, e. g. metal or synthetic material. The development of the material aims at the […]

CNC milling and turning

Both these activities are forms of processing of materials, e. g. metal or synthetic materials, for the purpose of achievement of a part with a specific shape or dimensions. The execution of these activities requires specialised, computer-controlled machinery. CNC processing is a process that allows us quick and repetitive production of tram parts. Thanks to […]

Manufacture of rubber products

The tram parts we offer are top-quality – thanks to the use of robust materials and the utilisation of the best, uniquely precise machinery to make them. When constructing parts for railway vehicles, it is very important to pay attention to details, as this translates to the safety of the drivers and passengers. For this […]

Machine park

Rims, rings and other parts for railway vehicles that we manufacture for our Customers, are created thanks to the talent and experience of our personnel, using our broad backlot – the perfectly-equipped machine park. The engagement and the capabilities of the employees as well as modern technology and the best, precise equipment, allow us not […]