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Brake shoes

Despite discs being ever more frequently used on rail cars, shoe brakes with cast iron inlays secured by wedges in their bases continue to be a popular solutions. The brake shoes manufactured by our company ensure the shortest braking distance for the tram, even in difficult weather conditions. This is particularly important in Winter, when […]

Bevel wheels

Driving shafts with paired bevel wheels made of high-quality steel, carbonised and quenched. The 20MPa bevel wheels manufactured by us are dedicated for gear systems in high-floor trams of type 105N manufactured by Konstal from Chorzów, Poland. The 20MPa bevel wheels for Konstal 105N tram gear systems are made in line with dedicated technical specifications […]

Assembly base plate

Ensures system stability and, accordingly, long-term operation and optimum bending of the pivot joint. The assembly base plates for the pivot joint produced by us are dedicated to low-floor, multi-unit articulated trams of types 120NA SWING and SWING DUO produced by PESA of Bydgoszcz, Poland. Every assembly base plate for pivot joints in PESA type […]

Gangway swivel plate

The gangway swivel plate on a tram is a moving component of the tram, joining the floors between the individual units, providing the passenger with a safe and comfortable passage between them. Due to its structure, the swivel plate does not require complex maintenance work and is characterised by high durability.

FPM rings

Sealing rings made in accordance with technical specifications for type 150/ 805 rail cars manufactured by Konstal of Chorzów, Poland. The metal inlay-reinforced FPM rings made by us are highly resistant shaft insulation components, providing long-term and hassle-free system operation. Our catalogue covers sealing rings of the following dimensions: 80 x 100 x 13 mm […]