Tram wheel slugs

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Tram wheel slugs

Irrespective of the means of transport – car, bicycle or rolling stock, there is one common element that is decisive in terms of efficient movement along a given route. The wheels that set the vehicle in motion and allow it to move. In case of trams, it is uniquely important for every part of the wheel to be made of quality materials. Driving wheels are made of several components, and one of them are rims, made of slugs. Thanks to them, the vehicle may be properly set on the tracks and move along them efficiently and safely. Our company’s offer includes parts of wheel sets for trams made according to valid norms. Learn about the specifics and intended use of our products for rail rolling stock and select the parts for your system.

What are tram wheel slugs?

A slug is material from which rims are made of by machining. There are two fundamental profiles of this component – the external one, the driving component, and the internal (assembly) component. The slug, as the final product in elastic metal shaping, constitutes an obligatory part of the rim – without it, forged or rolled vehicle components would not have the desired structure allowing them to move along the track.

Tram wheel rims – how to achieve a perfectly balanced product?

Without the rim, the entire driving structure of the machine would be disturbed – hence, proper balancing of this component by machining is so important. A component made in the wrong manner can lead to a hazard, such as derailing due to the wheel leaving the track. An ideally balanced component is made up of:

– crosswise and horizontal loads

– the external and internal driving surface

– the attack point – the component shape – its diameter, width, thickness and angle.

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