Manufacture of rubber products

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Manufacture of rubber products

The tram parts we offer are top-quality – thanks to the use of robust materials and the utilisation of the best, uniquely precise machinery to make them.

When constructing parts for railway vehicles, it is very important to pay attention to details, as this translates to the safety of the drivers and passengers. For this reason, we pay great attention to the quality of our goods. All articles manufactured at our facility must pass tests and quality inspections in order to operate efficiently, flawlessly and safely for a long time.

The manufacture of rubber products as well as synthetic material-metal components is our enterprise’s speciality.

We produce them using modern, professional machines such as:
injectors, hydraulic presses, precision cutters of minor parts.

We manufacture diverse products that bind synthetic material with metal, e. g. silicon. We focus mainly on rubber products:

  • formed
  • cut
  • punched
  • cut out
  • with metal components.