CNC milling and turning

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CNC milling and turning

Both these activities are forms of processing of materials, e. g. metal or synthetic materials, for the purpose of achievement of a part with a specific shape or dimensions. The execution of these activities requires specialised, computer-controlled machinery. CNC processing is a process that allows us quick and repetitive production of tram parts. Thanks to computer technology and our investments in modern machinery, we can regularly provide our Customers with the necessary high-quality parts.

CNC turning

This mode of processing entails providing the material with a specific shape and specific properties by way of removal of excess material. The item is formed through the rotation of multi-blade tools that move not only about their axis but also with respect to the removed material, removing unneeded material layers. In computer-based CNC, the course of processing is controlled by a properly programmed micro-computer. It is coupled with the machine, thus able to control it.

CNC milling

Just as turning described above, milling is a form of machining, a form of cutting to be more precise. It is most frequently used for the processing of surfaces, both internal as well as external ones, of items that are shaped like cones, cylinders, spheres, etc. CNC milling also entails the removal of certain layers of the material so as to achieve the desired shape. However, in this case, the machinery acts differently than in case of the method from the previous paragraph. The removal of the unwanted material layers is done by way of single-edged milling knives and not turning tools, with the milling machine controlled by a suitably-programmed micro-computer.